After reflecting on four remarkable months of traveling solo and spending life-altering time in over 15 states throughout the United States, I have wholeheartedly realized that travel has indeed changed my life. Talk about big changes.

For years, I was inadequately unable to summon up the courage to make the mental picture I had created of the life I wanted to live a reality. I naively made myself believe that I didn’t have enough “time”, could never leave my soul-crushing job, didn’t have enough money, etc. I spent almost eight years of my life monotonously slaving away 40-50 hours of my week working my way up the shiny corporate ladder. My entire headstrong and clouded identity was wrapped up with my job. I was simply skipping along doing the colorlessly dull tasks that others told me I should be doing to become a “successful” individual in modern-day society.

quanto-project1 2

As illogical as the mere thought of quitting my “secure” career was to the consumer-driven mind, I consciously knew when enough was enough. I had to have a very serious private conversation with myself and accept a heavy dose of reality. I was living a big fat lie. Yes, I had all the material garbage to fill every corner of my consumer-driven lifestyle and was ostensibly successful, but I didn’t feel successful. I felt overwhelmed, corrupted, stressed out, and tremendously depressed. I perpetually attempted to conceal my anguish by collecting more trophies, “awards”, trinkets and baggage. In due time, I realized I was not by any means pursuing my passion, nor was I growing as an individual or contributing influence beyond the battered aura of the corporate drone I had become.

Walking away from a high-paying job with no college education in a strikingly depressed economy seems like the most ill-advised thing I could have done. It was fucking hard. I faced a maze of gut-wrenching internal difficulties combined with caring about many of the people I had met along the industrious, strenuous and pretentious way. But……….

Deep breath. You can do this. Wake up, Jessica; you are falling into a calamitous pit of hopelessness within your comfort zone. You have to stop living a lie, and start living your life.

I wasn’t living the Dream; I was living a full-blown lie. I was out of excuses and my wanderlust was burning more ferociously than ever.

Disillusioned and wiser, I perceive corporate culture as a beguiling facade and have comprehensively overcome the “I can’t” dilemma in all aspects of my life.

Six months later………


I can deeply and earnestly

state that quitting my

corporate job was the

absolute greatest decision

I have ever made.

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