California, Here I Come.

Spontaneity is essential,

and unpremeditated surprises

add exhilarating spice to life.


I am a risk taker.

I seek experiences off the beaten path.

I have the guts to take bold leaps.

I am a sibling to the youthful water streams, a comforting kin to the radiant sun and luminous moon, and an amiable friend of the stars.



I am moving

on a whim

from Detroit, Michigan

to California.

I am packing very few earthly belongings into my Ford Escape and riding the wheels of freedom almost 3,000 miles west.


As I have created the opportunity for myself to cruise through eight states along the way, I intend to mindfully pause through many natural, fascinating and scenically pleasing wonders along the way.

1. Illinois (Hello, Chicago)

2. Iowa (Cayler Prairie?)

3. Nebraska (Sandhills Journey Scenic Byway)

4. Kansas

5. Colorado (Where do I begin?)

6. Utah (Salt Lake City!)

7. Arizona (Grand Canyon, mama!)

8. Nevada (Vegas!)

8. California (Touchdown)


I may arrive in Sunny California in two days; I may arrive in California in seven days.

California is a big multicultural metropolis; and when it comes to creativity, the sky’s the limit in California. The state of California has morphed into a giant lab of cultural experimentation with an unfettered spirit that nurtures and encourages new, ingenuous ideas.


I have learned through experience that there is nothing static about Los Angeles: it’s unpredictable, unpretentious and irresistible.

High-brow, idealistic dreamer, low-brow, and everything in between:

there’s plenty of room

for the full arc of

artful expression.


Sure; any “typical” human being may perceive this courageous act as absolutely bat-shit crazy.

I do know that I would rather live with the fear that comes from going after the life I want to live rather than the fear of dying with unfulfilled dreams haunting my being.

This is radical responsibility; being accountable and accepting responsibility for my own life.

I have no idea what challenges or opportunities I may come across, but I do have a choice to face them.

This is my dream, or at the least the elemental foundational steps, and I already have one foot out of the door. 






2 thoughts on “California, Here I Come.

  1. You liked one of my posts on IG…..I clicked the link to your blog (the wonder of a pixellated life. Ha!)… your words, found some magic…..and am now wondering if you’ve made it here (LA) yet?

    Come in…..the water’s fine. It’s warm in here.

    (And if you know what song that’s hidden after I’ll buy you a tea when you get here :+!)


  2. You liked my post on IG: I clicked the link to your blog and found some magic.
    (Pixelated life. Ha!) Did you make it yet

    Come on in. The water’s fine. It’s warm in here. (Name the iconic LA band that’s song has that hidden after and I’ll buy you your first free coffee in the City of Angels :+!


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