Beyond The Yellow Brick Road.

I meticulously admire the wayfaring, captivating and iconic story of The Wizard of Oz on this cozy, placid morning.


As an INFJ Personality Type, I am a mightily deep thinker; for instance, my conception of the abstruse meaning of The Wizard of Oz has developed as the golden sands of the hourglass continue to sprinkle.

My perceptual grasp of “reality” throughout black and white Kansas in contrast to the passionately chromatic dreamlike hamlet of Oz signifies the literal altered states of “reality”.

Dorothy is in Oz questing to return to Kansas (which is displayed physically through the movie) which I believe is gracefully symbolic of Dorothy encountering a viewpoint of her spirit/self as an all-encompassing soul experiencing her essential origin after traveling through a land of blazing imagery, admirable and calamitous characters and animated, challenging adventures.


I believe Dorothy’s tres amigos subliminally represent the mental, emotional, and physical bodies;

  • Tin-man: self-worth, earnestly acting with the heart, your personal belief systems, etc. (Emotional)
  • Scarecrow: Intellect, Self Belief. (Mental)
  • Cowardly Lion: Willpower, Backbone, Intrepidity (Physical, thoughts generating action)


The yellow brick road is the demanding, unyielding, petrifying and fascinating path of enlightenment. It is exceptionally extensive and often twists and boldly winds through treacherous dwellings exposing individuals to complicated obstacles issued from the “shadow self” or fundamental adversity which further complicates an individuals journey.

Dorothy and her interlaced amigos wholeheartedly possess the capabilities to nourish themselves if they arduously come to the realization of their own potentiality through the help of Glinda The Good Witch and the many challenging inhabitants and critical experiences along the way.


Are you



in the cornfield

 with the Cowardly Lion?


Or are you ablaze with fortitude

while righteously walking


forward down the

Yellow Brick Road?


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