Sensory Deprivation.

I soar into the cosmos; I am enveloped in the blissful absoluteness within nothingness. I feel my heart beating like a primitive tribal drum; the whooshing rush of my breath fills and escapes my lungs. I am dissolving into eight hundred pounds of epsom salt; I am bathing in the baptismal water of life. I am tranquilly experiencing zero gravity. Oh, the deliberate removal of stimuli.


Sensory deprivation awakened me to where I was “stuck” holding myself mentally hostage, which I have learned had kept my life and my human experience microscopically small. I realized that my internal reality was poorly aligned with what I was actually experiencing in the external reality. I had less than optimal beliefs that I had to adjust; which left me in a state of absolute bewilderment.

The human brain is able to continually adapt and rewire itself. I hold the belief that the brain is a multifaceted computer that is coalesced with a conscious quintessence of our own creation/projection. It is one adaptable apparatus for unraveling, decoding, analyzing, and zealously exploring the universe that each individual has created for themselves to live through within this existence. It is a circuit that is composed of a complex array of neural networks that are being continuously modified by the environment each individual chooses to be in (whether consciously or subconsciously) and the experiences that each individual comes to encounter in that environment.

After experiencing sensory deprivation, I began to feel as if I have arrived in a whole new world; kicking and screaming similar to an infant out of the womb. I have reached a barefaced level of maturity. l am experiencing my personal beliefs changing tremendously; I am entirely the creator of my reality. I have absolutely no limitations on what I can create in my reality, including the illusion that another being is responsible for the creating. I am the master of my destiny and I take forthright responsibility for my truth and errors. I am a newborn child experiencing the world, myself and others from a new, fulgent perspective. I have observed and modified what was self-generated within my own thinking.

I have granted myself 

absolute freedom 

from heedless limitation.

One thought on “Sensory Deprivation.

  1. Jessica, I couldn’t have written a better description of floating if I tried numerous times over! You’ve captured in words the essence and beauty that floating brings to so many people. It was a pleasure speaking with you and I look forward to talking with you more at greater lengths. Please keep in touch as I’d love to further this conversation #WhyWeFloat @motorcityfloat


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