Energetic Car Wash

I am in neutral; sifting through an energetic car wash and bathing in a cornucopia of words.

I endlessly come out clean, purified and restored; this infinite gray mass kicks my muse into high gear and reveals a palette of colors.

In result, fascinating works of art that continue to captivate peculiar minds are delivered.

Oh, yeah; I believe I left out the polite, civilized, and expected manner of introducing oneself:

Hi. I am a human being by the name of Jessica Golich.


I understand that my idiosyncratic and unpredictable ways are extreme and impassioned, but there are mysteries locked in my DNA and this multifaceted reality that leave me in a perpetual state of wonder.

I am still learning; evermore. But I am closer to the latest truth being revealed within this moment of my life – because I am vulnerably willing to see and be the truth…….

Are You?

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